Fire Safety Plans

What is a Fire Safety Plan

A Fire Safety Plan is a document outlining features of your building or business, It includes the following:

  • a list of emergency contacts.
  • description of life safety equipment.
  • maintenance and inspection procedures for life safety equipment.
  • schematic floor plans showing exits and life safety equipment locations.
  • responsibilities of owners/agents and safety personnel.
  • procedures for holding Fire Drills.
  • Location of hazardous materials if present.

Wall signs are also a part of a Fire Safety Plan. These signs will give instructions to occupants to be followed in the event of a Fire Emergency.

Who Requires a Fire Safety Plan

Any building that is required by the Building Code to have a Fire Alarm System must have a Fire Safety Plan. The Plan must conform to Part 2.8 of the current Fire Code and the requirements of your local Fire Department. Also any property that is ordered to have a Fire Safety Plan by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) typically your local Fire Department.

Who is Responsible

Div. C Part 2 of the currebt British Columbia Fire Code states: Unless otherwise specified, the owner or the owners authorized agent shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of the Code. (Sentence

Maintenance of Fire Protection and Life Safety Equipment

It is important to keep accurate records of any testing conducted. Records shall be retained for minimum of two (2) years.

Persons who perform the tests or inspections shall be certified by ASTTBC for the item(s) being inspected. Similarly persons that repair, replace, alter or service fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, commercial cooking suppression systems, sprinkler and standpipe systems, fire hydrants and any other systems requiring expertise are required to be properly trained, qualified and be a certified by ASTTBC.

This is the case in most jurisdictions in the province. If ASTTBC certification is not required the the servicing company and/or individual shall be acceptable to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)  

Plan Review

Fire Safety Plans must be submitted to the local Fire Department for review and approval. There is generally a cost for review which can range from $100 to $400  depending on the municipality and also the complexity of the plan.

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In order to prepare a quotation a review of the premises is required. This may or may not require a site visit, often a set of drawing is all that is required.

Pricing will include the Fire Safety Plan document, necessary wall signs, submission fees and delivery charges. 

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