EVACUCHECK Room Verification System

Room Verification System

During an emergency a building or ares within building may need to be evacuated.

How can emergency personnel determine if a room has been vacated without physically entering the room and checking? In the past, staff members performing an evacuation would use tape, chalk, door handle hangers  etc. to mark rooms that had been cleared.

NONE of these methods prevented the re-entry to a room leaving the marker in place.

A proven method of emergency response is to be prepared. The Evacucheck  Room Verification System is an essential tool for emergency preparedness and management.
When seconds count, there is no time to loose. The Evacucheck Room Verification System indicates the status of the room during emergency conditions through its unique, patented design.
In the event of an emergency, such as, a fire, a gas leak, a bomb threat or a flood the Evacucheck Room Verification System  saves time by eliminating duplication of effort. The system is also ideal during routine Security Rounds and searches for Missing Persons. 
Once  a room has been verified as vacant, the system is put into action and  no one can enter the room without the room verification system  indicating so.
The Evacucheck Room Verification System is the ultimate tool to determine when a room has been vacated during building evacuation procedures.

How It Works

The photo above shows the device in the open position. Once the status of the room has been verified, the hinged side of the unit is opened and is magnetically fastened  to the door frame. The other side of the Evacucheck Room Verification System is permanently mounted to the door with strong adhesive double sided tape (supplied). Once  the room searched thoroughly and confirmed to be unoccupied  the Evacucheck  Room Verification System unit was placed in the open position. The end  result is that anyone responding to an emergency can quickly assess the  status of a room, if a room is encountered with the system in a closed  position.

When  the door to the room is opened by more than one inch, the system  automatically reverts to the closed position using a spring. The unit cannot be reset from inside the room. The photo below shows the unit in the closed position, indicating that the room  has not been evacuated OR the door has been open by more than one inch  and has possibly been reentered. The unit can be installed on any door and is coated with a highly reflective diamond grade face, manufactured  by 3M. The unit is installed approximately 22 inches above the floor and is highly visible in low light and smoke filled environments, such as those that could be encountered in emergencies.


Important features of the system are:

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is quickly and permanently installed.
  • It can be labeled with room numbers.
  • It indicates the direction of the nearest fire exit through clearly marked arrows.
  • It is inconspicuous when closed and will not detract from the esthetics of your building.
  • It cannot be broken off and used as a weapon.
  • It may be painted to match door colours.

Still  not convinced this is the right tool for your building? Then please go  to our Contact page and give us your information and we will arrange a  demo at your convenience

Where Can It Be Used

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Long term care homes
  • Retirement homes
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Apartment complexes
  • Dormitory
  • Office towers